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Posted on Oct 28, 2013

Feedback from our Sunday Services


  1. Michael gave an amazing talk today on “I am” consciousness, differentiating the “I am,” of the Divine, from the “I am not” of the ego. He also tied this in beautifully with the consciousness of the upper three chakras and discussed how the “I am” consciousness correlates with the embodiment of the Divine in all of us. He made a beautiful distinction between going to heaven and bringing heaven to earth, essentially stating that the goal is to bring heaven to earth by embodying our Divinity (our Christ Consciousness).

  2. Today’s message was a powerful reminder of who we are…the I AM presence. It’s not enough to say I am this or I am that. We need to identify with I AM in order to let go of all that has been created by the beliefs that we are not.

    In truth, I see the world based on the choices I make… To see from I AM, or to see from I am NOT. The world manifests as a reflection of me. When I see the world from I AM, I see the indescribable beauty of everything as a precious gift to me and for me. My relationships are harmonious, my health is vibrant, my work is rewarding, and I am abundant.

    I focus on what’s real, and forgive myself for of all of the judgements that are not real, that don’t even exist, and I find my life unfolding in alignment with Love, Peace, Joy, and Abundance.

    We are here to bring Heaven to Earth and we do that by remembering who we are and using the creative power of I AM to bring it into being.

  3. Michael, Thank you for the wonderful talk at Unity this past Sunday. I love and relate to your bridging analogy. I didn’t realize it before but this has been what was happening in the healings that I have been a part of. It is now clear that bridging is really a much better way to describe it. It feels much better and more accurate. And I really get that this is my purpose. At the “Buddhist relics” event today, I could see God in each person so clearly. It’s easier when they are coming to a place with such strong spiritual intentions. The veil is much thinner. As you described, there is God in each person but the personality, ego, small self, etc., sometimes is so large, dominant, and in your face, that it’s very hard to see God. And then our own ego-self becomes very dominant in reaction to this. Not much good can come of this. But today it was very much God everywhere and it was wonderful.

  4. I was there a few weeks ago when Michael had the service on the responsibility of attracting negative energy into our lives. I really took it to heart-then about 2 weeks later I received the thought even though we may do this- it is still so great to have encouragement from anyone during the hardest times-just as christ was on the cross and the one thief tried to degrade his mission and the other said no wait you don’t get it-he is the savior. And christ was able to say forgive them I don’t always get the message right away -but I wanted Michael to know it was a great message to receive think about and learn

  5. Last Sunday’s message was incredible. I needed to hear that. My husband and I were blown away. In addition, Ariana Saraha’s performance was absolutely magical. We were visiting for the weekend and hope to be back soon. Thank you for the wonderful experience. Many blessings…

  6. “Last night was truly awesome. As I was sitting there after passing through the anointing of the 5-elements, I experienced a strong, pulsing, pressure in my 3ed eye area, almost uncomfortable. Then I felt a burning sensation return to the palms of my hands that I haven’t felt for a while. This sensation returned this morning during prayer, too. In fact I’ve had to turn my hands over to close the energy because it becomes so intense.” –D

  7. “Our baptism ceremony was such a moving experience, I could indeed see the face of Christ in each one, to look into their eyes and see the Love, feel the Eternal Light of God. I loved seeing the hope in each person and holding the belief that each one will step up to the intention to be spiritually renewed and committed to being en-lightened by the Christ Consciousness present in our sanctuary last night. It was a trip back into the pages of those initiations of my “lives” for me. There were moments when I was lost in the ecstasy of that Eternal Love, to be ministering and being ministered to…Thank you Holy Spirit of All That Is. that we may know this and feel this together…”

  8. “What a gorgeous and empowering ceremony! Every detail was perfect. Thank you Michael for the spiritual infusion I know we all felt. It was a joy to hold space for all those before me, and a privilege to assist at the end, as well. Personally, I felt a profound inner shift during both the baptism and name change. And the shift continues! For me, one of the most touching moments was watching you anoint others. Energetically it REALLY felt like the Father anointing his children. I have that memory forever etched in my heart. Divine wisdom and love infusing the innocence of a child. Precious and powerful.”

  9. Once in a while I have a series of days where I am really carried by an experience of gratitude and reverence. The past few days have been like that for me…I was listening to Michael speak during his recent workshop and I had a different sense of myself than I’ve had before…I saw how much “more” I am because of my relationships with a few teachers and specifically my relationship with Unity of Sedona and Michael. The emotion is one of gratitude, but reverence too. I feel like I should be saying much more here…but more words aren’t always better.

  10. Thank you for adding me to your mailing list. I live in Japan. I participated Michael’s work shop in Tokyo last month, and it was most extraordinary experience in my whole life. So I’m very much looking forward to hearing more from your site.
    –YT, Japan

  11. Michael: Today is Sunday and I was watching two of my favorite sermons by you on Youtube and let me say that you are the real deal. I saw that from the first time I met you years ago. I have seen and heard other people give talks and facilitate workshops, they can’t even come close to you. I have lived in, and traveled to, many countries and you are the most advanced individual that I have come across. You have been and you continue doing excellent work and so many people out there recognize that. I am also very proud of the kind of father that you were to your kids while they were growing up and of the fact that you are good friends with your ex-wife. That is awesome. You are doing fabulous work and the people that meet you are truly blessed to have you around. I very much enjoy listening to your videos and recommend them to my honey and to my close friends, who all adore you by the way. Please make more videos of your sermons available on Youtube. That would be awesome! And when it comes to people out there who feel threatened by who you are or what you teach, don’t ever let the jealous people dim your divine light. Your light is extremely bright, your soul has earned that brightness. You chose to incarnate to teach humanity and to heal them through your teachings. You are so awesome.
    –M, FL

  12. My life has changed dramatically since I’ve been attending Unity of Sedona and hearing Michael Mirdad speak. So I want to thank you for helping me to change my life around. I am a veteran and I’ve now been able to get off most of the medications that I was on for post-traumatic disorders. Also, I am finally letting people into my life–including my own wife and children. I have been married for 30 years and I am just NOW letting my wife into my heart. And one time, when I told Michael about how hard it was for me to let people in, he gave me a hug and told me that that everything was going to be okay. There was something about him letting it be “okay” that helped me change things around.

  13. As a channel for Mary Magdalene and communicator of her teaching, I’m particularly sensitive to how other spiritual teachers relate to the Feminine. I attended one of Michael Mirdad’s presentations at Unity of Sedona and was very moved. In Michael’s message, I heard a strong voice of the Masculine that felt aligned to the Feminine. It had been a long time since I’d heard a teaching I was in complete agreement with and could fully open to—without needing to shield myself from parts that misrepresented or maligned the Feminine. What a gift to my heart!
    —Mercedes Kirkel, bestselling author of Mary Magdalene Beckons and Sublime Union: A Woman’s Sexual Odyssey Guided by Mary Magdalene

  14. I would like to share my experience with attending the David Matthew Brown’s workshop that was presented last Sunday. He is alive with the presence of Love, Higher Love, one that encompasses all when engaged in his presence. His practical applications of breath-work to stay centered in the heart was on point. His use of abstract symbolism to engage the right brain is empowering. His use of life experience with self and others allows the group to make earth (grounded) approaches to see into gaps in ones own “story” and where perception has become the malady of one’s own deliberate separation from Love. We were partnered up to experience one to one direct soul engaging connections through the eyes and ears, reminding me that it is safe to see into the eyes of love again and to hear with an open heart, the sorrowful call of Love’s embracing Depths into elation resounding in expansive waves of soul Love in Unity as a whole, through the echoed mantra of simply, “I LOVE YOU.” For those who missed this workshop, I highly recommend that you catch it next time David comes to town. In the meantime, I am sure the wave of expansion is on its way through the collective vibratory field of Gods growing Seed of Love in Christ.

  15. The message in the last newsletter (Trust versus Doubt) came in perfect timing. Thank you to the divine perfection and mysterious ways that god shows up to remind us of the truth within us. I truly needed to hear this at this particular time! Beautiful newsletter!

  16. Many years ago I attended one of Michael’s presentations at Unity Church on Maui. He asked us to rate the areas of our life on a scale of 1-10, ten being fantastic. Relationship, health, career, finance, etc. After everyone did the work he asked if anyone had a score of three or less in any category. He went on to say that if one had a low score in relationship, without the proper amount of work and correct application of mind, chances were that in five years it would most likely be the same (or worse)…so one might as well stop suffering and complaining and get out now. I hated what he said. But Michael was right on. I didn’t leave my three or lower rated relationship for an additional six years, choosing instead to apply myself to my spiritual practice. I am very glad I did, however even with all the practice and work, my 27 year marriage didn’t work out. And the thing was…both Michael and myself saw it coming. So…points to take into consideration: TRUST your intuition however weak it may be. LOVE and forgive the one you’re with even though it’s painful. And practice developing confidence, love, and trust in yourself above all. In these ways all your hurts and anger will heal faster, you will have no regrets, and you will continue to grow in spirit and light for the rest of your days.
    –S, HI

  17. Dear Michael: It’s been some time since my private session, so I wanted to fill you in on what happened as a result. When I came to you, I had hit a road-block in my recovery from neurological Lyme disease. I was unresponsive to medication, lost my independence, and ability to cope with daily life. The best way to describe what happened after the session was like someone put a turbo charger on me. Soon after, test results began coming back at healthy levels for someone “in my condition” and such an advanced stage of Lyme. That was just the beginning. Then I found a peruvian herbal protocol for Lyme disease and sought the help of John of God, as you suggested. Then I found a therapist who specializes in trauma to help with family dynamics and began letting go of shame and guilt. Now I am functioning normally and have been symptom-free from Lyme ever since. Needless to say, my doctors and therapist were shocked at my progress in only a matter of weeks. The old me has been officially dismantled and it’s now about redefining a new life. I was praying for a miracle and was desperate for change when I made that appointment to see you. I received much more than I could have even hoped for. I want to sincerely thank you for being present with me and creating a safe space to be vulnerable. That was the first time in my life that I recall ever allowing myself to feel that level of pain that I had buried for 29 years. You are such an inspiration and someone I see as a role model of spiritual integrity and truth (delivered with a healthy dose of humor). I am very grateful to have had this life-changing opportunity. Thank you for all that you are!

  18. I chose to do a private session with Michael Mirdad because he reminded me of Jesus. I attended several of his lectures and was impressed with his wisdom, insight, and down to earth, way of teaching Christ Consciousness. Then I met with him in a private session, and that is where my Healing Journey began. During the session, Michael began with a few simple questions. After a while, I became emotional and he sat with me and held me with such ease, and gentleness. He wrapped his arms around me and cradled me, like a baby. As I sat quietly with him, I began to relax and feel safe…Everything shifted in that moment. Time and space seemed to stop, and I began to sob more deeply…Emotions and energy began to flow through me wave after wave. I felt Father, Mother, God…in One. I began to Awaken, Heal, and feel New again…like I was Re-Born. As he channeled this Unconditional Love to me, he reminded me…”This Love is always available for you to tap into it at anytime.” He made it clear that this was something sacred between God and me and not about him–the healer. I feel such a deep appreciation for Light-workers, such as Michael, that come from such a true place of Love. I want to express my gratitude for showing me the path to Unconditional Love, which knows no limits, holds no time, no space, and is available to each and every one…Now.

  19. Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

    I know that only God can bestow enlightenment upon us, but Unity of Sedona has played a tremendously huge role in carrying me forward (or upward?) toward this goal. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.

    • Love you!

  20. Totally LOVED the Beltane Festival! What a wonderful, uplifting experience! I feel truly blessed to have just moved here and found this spiritual center and all the wonderful people that served to make this releasing celebration happen! I was especially moved when Micheal Mirdad talked at the end speaking about how it has taken each one of our individual experiences, advances, setbacks, gifts, and lives to bring us all to this moment right now. He also expressed his love and appreciation for all of us individually and that he realizes at a deeper level we have gone through it all for the whole…so sets the tone that everything is always in divine order…SO MOVING! He also said that he was always open to different ideas for topics for his Sunday morning messages from all of us…and as he was speaking I heard this in my ear…” Ask him to speak of Resistance (fear) vs. Acceptance (love) and how the mind will constantly flip us into either on a regular basis, creating for us either hell or heaven. Would love to hear him speak more on this one.

  21. It truly was another beautiful day here in Sedona last Sunday and it was great having Michael back from his recent tour. Michael was so on this week–big time–and it was right on! I was in tears 3 or 4 times from the holy spirit moving me, wonderful. The coolest time was when, at the end of his message, he stepped down from the stage to the man and his daughter in the front row. As soon as I saw where he was going, I knew it was time, time for me to join in and help to manifest the Power of Spirit. Michael grabed his hand and started to do healing. So I joined in by reaching out my hand to them and started to pray, pray, pray! I prayed to add to Michael’s power and to be present in spirit. By the time he was done, I had tears running down both cheeks, my heart chakra was putting out heat and the inner me was deeply touched by spirit. I was energized and humbled and thankful. That feeling was with me the rest of the afternoon. Even this morning it still brought tears to my eyes–even right now. It feels like my chest is going to exploded with LOVE. Spirit opened me up. WONDERFUL!!!!!!!

  22. Last Sunday at Unity I was sitting next to three women who were visiting from another Unity. They told me they were here to check out Michael Mirdad. At the end of his message and the last song I turned to the one next to me and said…”Well, what do you think?” She looked at me and said “SHIT!…that was amazing, wonderful! Our Unity needs to find someone like HIM!” I said there isn’t any one else like Michael but good luck with your search. This confirmed for me that we are creating a wonderful space and amazing energy at Unity of Sedona and I am so glad that Michael is here. In the future, I would like to see more Chaplains and individuals extend our hands and go right into prayer when we see Michael starting to do healing on someone like that! At Unity of Sedona, we should ALL generate as much energy and LOVE as we can. We can ALL become one in the effort to heal. I am still vibrating and overwhelmed with Love and compassion and JOY.

  23. Dear Michael: You have been an Awesome and Amazing inspiration to my Soul. You truly have a gift to Love, Heal, and Teach. May you always share what you have with everyone you meet. May you also be given the same Peace that our Father in Heaven had, has still! You look like the man, you dress like the man, and you teach just like the man–“Jesus.” God Bless You!
    –Michael MacVittie

  24. Hi Michael and everyone. Just wanted to report from me and “others” (ha ha) how precious and tender the talk was on Sunday. A perfect introduction and preparation to the Locks O’ Love moment. Everyone was so connected in love and healing on so many levels, that I believe it altered the whole dern town.
    Thanks for your sensitivity and courage! (I like the new do’s).
    xoxoxox Tina

  25. Though only ONE person in our family (myself) attends Sacred Sunday Services at Unity of Sedona, EVERY family member is definitely being touched. How could they not? I come home, and I am glowing with energy. I have tons and tons of patience, and good teachings are flowing through me. I have something that they want — they aren’t sure what it is, but they really, really like it, and it is changing their own lives from the inside on a daily basis. Thank you, everyone, for the ripple effect that transforms hearts and is breathing new life into just about plumb everything!

  26. Dear Michael: I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and the gifts you share. I just moved to a new neighborhood and have been attending my local Unity. I love the sacred space and the beautiful messages that are literally within walking distance of my new house, but I have to say, there is NOTHING like your delivery from the pulpit….NOTHING! You bring so much LIFE and vibrancy, fascinating history and connecting the dots metaphorically and metaphysically to the word of GOD that there is just no comparison. I am grateful that I get to reflect on my experiences when I attended Unity of Sedona and the palpable BUZZ of Spirit moving through you and everyone at your beautiful church. Thank you for offering the Sunday Service DVD’s which I will be ordering a bunch of very soon.
    –LN, FL

  27. I just wanted you folks to know how much of a difference you are making in my life–especially with Michael being our spiritual leader at Unity of Sedona. I was praying for a place to find community, friends, and connection and this is exactly what you are all cultivating here.

  28. It’s been an interesting year! Watching the choices Michael has made and how he has held so much, really was profound. I am grateful that his path led him here to Unity and for him enriching my life! — Kim

  29. We are also blessed to find ourselves together in a Christ Consciousness community, evolving together in the good, the true, and the beautiful. I want to thank Judy for all that she does at Unity, especially for Sunday services. — Jan

  30. My dearest friend brought me to unity of Sedona couple of times and it was amazing! The energy of Michael in the entire sacred space is so very enlightening. –?

  31. Dear Michael, thank you for creating a home and family where I feel loved and supported. I so appreciate everything you have done, your gifts, and your humor. I enjoy and respect who you are as a healer, teacher, and spirit. — Laura

  32. Dear Michael: Your last two Sunday teachings and New Years Eve were so helpful for me. Thank you so much for your passion and dedication to your teachings! Your love, focus, divide and conquer, patience, clarity…and the other traits you spoke about as part of Mastery are all “palatable” in the life I see you lead. I loved your amazing examples today in your talk about Mastery. I’m so glad you are here in Sedona.

  33. We had some people tell us that our Special Sunday Christmas Gathering (2013) was their favorite Christmas experience ever!

  34. I’m writing to offer acknowledgement and gratitude for Michael’s work at Unity of Sedona. Beyond the physical manifestations of beauty and comfort (the Sanctuary looks awesome!), the elements of practical spirituality such as he offered at the New Year’s services are revealed in a way that people in all levels of awareness can grasp. I’ve had recent conversation with newcomers to Unity of Sedona and found that they are finding a healthy path to let some of their prior religious structures unravel in safety, a very large step for them. We discussed it from the perspective that there are doors that can be opened, with the choice of how far within to explore, and a decision as to what truly serves. Awakening. All in God, all in Divine order.

  35. Just wanted to pass along some feedback of what I have observed over the last couple of years. I am so grateful to Unity of Sedona. Michael Mirdad has brought love, peace, joy, and abundance to an attainable level for all who gather on Sundays. It’s evident that his inspired messages reach each person on many levels. His practical explanation of our divine Christ within has transformed the perception of Christ consciousness for us all. Never before has a speaker at Unity created such a tangible tapestry of love and desire to create new projects to serve the highest good. Michael’s actions speak louder than even his channeled words…showing us that no job is too big or small for anyone to accomplish. And I have always been impressed with the fact that he is willing to personally help get done, whatever is needed. I personally appreciate his diversity of knowledge but most inspiring is his ability to serve whomever it is that comes to him. He seems to somehow be present from the moment you meet him. Captivating the Sunday congregation, mesmerizing the Wednesday night groups, and inspiring individuals is how he has turned Unity into a Center for Christ Consciousness and I/we are all so very grateful. Lastly, the accomplishments of the collective efforts of the Board, volunteers, chaplains, and members have never been stronger, more effective, or gratifying than now. We are all so richly blessed…!

  36. I have spent my life devoted to spiritual enlightenment and truth assisted by the World Teachers though-out time. I have personally met with some some of them from around the world. When I first heard Michael speak at a service at Unity it felt like coming Home on Earth. I wept in his arms with joy and relief. When I hear him speak I feel the power of Divine Being speaking through him. It is as if he has read the book of my life and is communicating to me from the inside out. His words literally burst my heart wide open each time I hear him. I am so grateful for him and the opportunity to experience what it is like to be in the presence of a Christ Figure. My experience at Unity is a dream come true.
    –GB, AZ

  37. Michael, thanks so much for your message today. It helped so much. I understand what I had been doing for years that hasn’t worked now. I get it plain as day. I needed this teaching 20 years ago, but I’m glad I finally learned. I am so thankful for you always pinpointing the exact lesson I need to get deeper. You are an incredible being of light and I am so thankful for you being you Michael.

  38. What a beautiful message in your last e blast Michael. I continue to be astounded at your wisdom, joy and leadership. Also, thanks for sharing who you are, and how you have lived your life. Truly an inspiration and affirmation for me, too, who prefers Walt Disney and productions like the Planet Earth series to nurture my Divinity. Your vulnerability is a precious gift.
    Unity of Sedona and our planet are blessed in powerful ways by your light, love and joy! You have clearly demonstrated the keys to the Kingdom! And you bear great fruits! I see in you love, peace, joy, gentleness, kindness, patience, tolerance, wisdom, understanding, compassion, working of miracles and devotion to being the Christ on Earth. I also recognize and celebrate that you are in alignment with God’s Will.
    –SD, AZ

  39. Since I have been attending Unity of Sedona, I notice that instead of reflexively experiencing my usual frustrated, angry, short-tempered, impatient or blaming (defensive separation), I seem to be breathing deeply and instead of feeling threatened, I tend to feel the humorous nature of my various predicaments. I am getting more and more patient and engaged in thinking about my role in changing the flow of circumstances when they are not going the way I’d like them to. I can feel my power to create. I feel a vast spaciousness, and I actually go around in a state of Oneness that makes it very easy to connect in a lighthearted way with others and boost general community morale. I am finding many more opportunities to be helpful to others with some little thing I can so easily do. It is as if the Universe senses I am steadier now, and ready to pass on some Light, and whispers in my ear. Thank you so much for opening my ears.

    • I keep attending, listening and taking everything in, and making more and more spiritual progress every week. The newest surprise is that I am so happy in my everyday life now, that a glass of wine is no longer capable of making me more happy! Instead, it actually lessens my happiness level, so I don’t like it any more. What have you done to me, ha ha! I am high on life, and don’t require “help” from the outside. Happiness really IS an inside job!

  40. Beautiful service on Sunday. A nice moment to walk in and hear Cara Marie’s guitar and voice. Lori Rubenstein offered a deep message of love, awareness and responsibility to ourselves and others… “God first, then ourselves, then others”, in alignment with Michael’s Christ Consciousness teaching.

    The grounds are beautiful, always something new if you look. Love and light in the Sunshine Cafe… and this is what occurs in Michael’s absence.

    This community contributes deeply. The new children’s program, the donation of backpacks for kids, the summer drive to support the homeless which resulted in a literal truckload of clothing and cash donations to The Loft in Cottonwood… it goes on and on.

    Blessings to Unity of Sedona for who you are and all you do. There is something deep, powerful and beautiful happening here.

  41. I have been absorbing and integrating healing for about a year and half or longer? At Unity, with Michael Mirdad’s teachings, I became a chaplain, then I did his mastery workshop and now his advanced course in miracles class. And now, things are changing so fast for me. My life with my dad and all of his life challenges has been transformed. After speaking to Michael about my dad’s difficulties, he advised that I not get caught up in the debts and worries and instead pace myself and take one step at a time. He somehow knew that the things that had my dad and I in a panic would soon resolve itself and they did. Soon after our discussion, miracles began happening–many of which took place inside of me. Since then, groceries have become a little more plentiful; my dad and I were each gifted with laptops; I was given a tablesaw so I could complete the flooring in my house; I was gifted a new, king size bed–which I have never before owned; the nursing home is revising the financing for my dad; and there are so many other things. The things Michael has taught me are often running through my mind–especially that we should all live closer to God. Also, he has taught me that everyone learnes life’s lessons either the easy way or the hard way and now I am learning to choose the easy way. And I have learned to tithe, from the little I have but as I do, the amount I tithe keeps going up. Thank you God!

  42. Michael, thank you for a really amazing message at Sunday Service today. Your words make such an impact in the lives of those who attend Unity. I can feel them taking root in the people deeply so they can then blossom more and more. When I speak of you with friends, we speak of how you are the only one we know doing work like this. You are teaching us step by step how to go from point A to Z. You teach what works and what doesn’t work and why. No one else that we know of (not even our favorite authors) has the perspective you do, as a one on one healer, who has been there and knows their way out of all the muck. I support you and Unity because I know you are aligned to Christ Consciousness and God with all you do and say. I believe in your mission and what you stand for with all of my being. You are such a divine healer, especially in times of crisis. May you feel how much love and respect we all have for you.
    –KD, AZ

  43. I would love to share a beautiful experience I had last Sunday. One day at work it came to me that I would love to change two things: 1st, I would like to start meditating more often. 2nd, I would like to start tithing more to Unity. At that very moment a blue bird came & landed on the banister 3feet in front of me as I was walking into work. So on Sunday at service I gave a total of $20, which I have never before felt able to do…within the next 3hrs I was gifted $50! I heard growing up that whatever you give to the church will return to you 10-fold…maybe it was my belief that created my experience. Maybe it was the beautiful prayer we use with our love offerings at Unity…I don’t know but we all deserve to be able to give more… as guided. It felt so good to give fearlessly & it felt really good to receive in return with gratitude.
    –C, AZ

  44. “I just heard the radio announcer say that this is currently ‘Clergy Appreciation Month.’ So I thought of sending you a card, after having everyone sign it, but I realized that each person would want and need to write a volume just to thank you for everything you’ve done. So instead I will just thank you. It seems that you have invested your life in becoming the very essence of living Love in motion. Your gestures and expressions are soft, expansive, and gracious, so even if someone couldn’t hear the words, the message would be there. Bright, thoughtful, soulfully insightful, you have surprising powers of ESP, knowing just what to mention at each service! We can tell from the many deep connections within each of your talks, that you have spent years integrating principles from so many religions and paths, working patiently with each of them until the pieces fit together. Your words don’t just leave us thinking “Wow” at the time, but keep us thinking and realizing all week long, and are healing and facilitating loving changes in each of us for our lifetimes. And then there is everyone that each of us will come into contact with each week after service, everyone who will receive a smile, have a door held open, …there’s an ever-expanding circle of Love and Happiness, and you are inspiring each of us to join in the circle of hands. So, thank you, SO MUCH!”
    –CA, AZ

  45. WOW! I so enjoyed the workshop with Joshua…it was a gift of another kind, just as needed, and unbelievably gifting in its scope. It was magnificent to be in the presence of such love and evolving wisdom of the message for each to be in utter observance of their heartfelt desires. He is an inspirational gift to awakening humanity. Each and all who were led to share their deepest concerns received loving insight and encouragement. I am grateful to our Unity Center for hosting him.

  46. “It was so good to be at Unity yesterday. During the closing group song, I watched Michael gaze around the room at all the glowing faces and I witnessed the vibrant Love that poured out of him onto everyone. It was almost too much to witness, the beauty of it. I can see it still and it moves me to tears, just re-membering it. I was instantly swayed into a higher space and there’s no going backward. We are on a one-way bullet train to Heaven and we all go together. Also, during the service, I was able to fully embody my body and I felt a sudden surge of energy rush down into my legs and feet. That’s a good sign! Now I feel like I can fully anchor and be grounded at the same time. Michael’s message was brilliant. He is the only person I know who has the capacity to consolidate and articulate the concepts and the journey, as I perceive them. That’s a great source of comfort and validation for me.”
    –M, AZ

  47. Michael: I awoke today with a sense of gratitude and glory in God. I want to thank you for being in my life. When I think of all of us as souls, I understand the love of Christ in a deeper more powerful way. Recently you helped me understand the difference between the Holy Spirit and Christ and that feels like a huge puzzle has been unraveled in me. God speaks to me in such a clear voice at times and I sometimes feel overwhelmed from the degree of love that comes through. And when that happens, I often think of you, not as a man, but as a soul, which feels like so much more than the human thing. I really don’t know if I could even put it into words if I tried. Anyway I wanted to thank you for being a part of my life and journey in remembering who I am as God’s beloved child. Thank you.
    –R, CO

  48. I just got finished listening to the C.D. of last Sunday’s message. I want to thank Michael so much for teaching and speaking about boundaries, and in particular, reminding us to check in with God/the Divine part of us and not our Ego, prior to making decisions or speaking or deciding what to say. The message helped immensely in making me realize that I need to pause a moment before acting, speaking and doing anything…It was timely because I have not been wanting to slow down and feel. I tend to rush too often and operate from a codependent anxiety or self consciousness that makes me not pause for a moment. I also loved the way Michael ended with the meditation, which helped to reinforce the message. Thank you, Michael, for all you do, and for being our Spiritual Leader!!! Your talks are very useful and if I slow down, it will be even more so.

  49. I have not been to church in several months and so glad I came today. You hit that one out of the park for me on boundaries. It’s very clear now that a recent change in my life was the setting of boundaries. Had I not come to church today I might have thought it was merely that I didn’t accept something. It’s much more than that and I’m glad that I’ve come to a place in my life to finally set boundaries. I feel so much stronger now to be able to do what’s right for my inner peace. Thank you Michael for your message today.

  50. Dear Michael, I wanted to share that after hearing you at Unity in my own region, I experienced a shift in myself. I’m sure it was partly due to everything you speak about, but MOSTLY it was due to how YOU ARE. Being around you, one can only get the feeling that you treat everyone the same. I feel that you are just non-judging of everyone. It feels really good being on the receiving end of that. And without trying to, I found myself begin to embody that practice myself. And I found it feels really good being on the giving end of that practice too. Not to say I’d accept wrong behavior, etc. But I somehow have more of an appreciation and acceptance of absolutely everyone and that we are all in different places, but that it’s all the same journey. This also simultaneously showed me that wow, there are so many wounded people in this world. When you are just open to everyone as they are, you see that. Anyway, I’ve been keeping up with your videos and really enjoying all there is to take in. Thanks for walking your talk. It’s contagious. :-)

  51. *Testimonial from a request submitted to the MasterMind Group:

    “You and your prayer group must have said some very powerful prayers on Tuesday. There were two showings of our house this morning!!! That’s more than we have had in 2 years. Let’s now pray for an offer and a sale. Thank you.”

  52. It had been about 4 years since I attended Unity of Sedona. This last Sunday, I was totally amazed at the spiritual experience I had. The first service, I must say, had one of the best lessons I have ever heard. The service was videotaped. Is the service offered as streaming video…or…is there any other way to view it or purchase it?

  53. I listened to Michael’s Sacred Service “Real World” on your New Alexandria Video Library site and that confirmed for me, that in relation to me personal and professional life, I need to leave gossip behind and stay focused on doing good work. If everyone listened to just this one video, so much pain and suffering could be removed from everyday living. I am so grateful that Michael has put this library of his teachings up for us all to tap into. Such great works of wisdom!!
    –T, CT

  54. Dear Friends: Yesterday at Unity it was such a great service. Thank you, Michael, for all the channeling and amazing teachings. There is a lot of these guides that work through you that are from this advanced place, a group of them. I could feel droves of Ancestors coming in yesterday, that started when the Jesse Kalu playing. Then at the end,when we all held hands there was an ignition, a jolt. The frequency being sent through everyone was incredibly high yesterday. The volume of whatever happened yesterday was very loud and high…it continued all day. More is coming for all. Thank you again, Michael. Your clarity, pureness and integrity are facilitating massive healing for the planet.
    K, AZ

  55. I always come to the Sunday services with high expectations and have never been disappointed. However, the 9:30 service this past Sunday was extraordinary! The depth and details shared about the Healing experience were so insightful and valuable. During the closing prayer I experienced a shift in energy and a healing on a very profound level. Thank you, Michael, for all that you selflessly do for the benefit of others!
    –D, AZ

  56. I wanted to personally thank Michael for today’s lesson at the service. I underwent a physical healing of a soul related malady that has been plaguing me for several months. The lesson also put me on a path to understanding my Akashic Records and healing any wounds that my soul may have encountered. I suspected that the cause of the malady may have been something other than physical and today’s lesson only affirmed that. Thanks again.
    May all of God’s blessings be upon you.
    –M, AZ

  57. Dear Sedona Friends: I attend Unity of Naples in Florida and attended a workshop with Michael Mirdad and the pastor there encouraged me to have a one on one session. I read and re-read some of his books and continue to use and practice the principles I have learned. I took to heart what he shared and went on to become a reiki master/teacher. Then I found the new website of Michael’s Sacred Sunday Services, featuring all those videos. How timely of an answer and how encouraging. Tears just flowed as I listened and felt I was right there during the closing meditation. Words can not express how grateful I am for being able to continue to grow spiritually via this media. Thank you, thank you. This format allows me to be united and feel I am right there with you all and I can do that anytime I have access to a computer. How awesome is that :)
    –C, FL

  58. I always take something meaningful away from Michael’s lectures/workshops, etc. But I wanted to highlight one from last Thursday which really helped me. I recently made a big decision to begin taking prescription meds for my Anxiety and ADHD, which have both proved to be absolutely paralyzing in my life. It also caused deep self hatred and frustration for not being able to manage my thoughts, brain, and mood on my own. I’ve always been a naturally positive person, but it would just get so buried under psychology. Thus, the long awaited decision to stop trying to handle it myself and feeling miserable, to sucking it up and taking the pill. Then, in one of Michael’s talks, he spoke about “giving to Cesar what is Cesar’s,” and “giving to God what is God’s.” Michael said that if we have a headache, we can take a pill, but there’s more going on under it. Well, it clicked-in just the right way when he said that. I now have an immense weight lifted and feel 1000% more like my natural vibrant self again (but will still take my prescription). Now I have so MUCH MORE I can give to God! I have so MUCH MORE I can offer the world, and I am able to be that beautiful contribution to the world I believe I am meant to be. I always knew I have a lot to offer the world, but my head got in my way constantly, and took away from me being able to offer much of anything. The way Michael spoke about this seemed to give me the permission to take that pill without faulting myself. And to be grateful now that I have so much more to give to God…!!! And to know there are other things I can work on that are underlying those symptoms, but having the willpower and concentration now to carry out working on them. Many, many blessings…!!!
    –A, MA

  59. Hi Michael and Unity Staff Members!
    I love it!, the services, the talks, and the direction of the teachings! I am so happy to hear that there is now a library of recorded services. What a wonderful way to stay connected when away from home. Although I still have cold feet regarding becoming a member and committing further to Unity Center, I am happy to attend and spread the light within that I take out. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  60. Dear Lord…something shifted in me that was so huge during my session with Michael. The guides removed all of the self-esteem and trust issues inside my grid system, then replaced it with such high vibrational light and peace. It’s incredible how the guides work through Michael…so fast too! It’s as if I see the world through new eyes. Healers like Michael are far and few between! He was able to get to the core of my issue within minutes of our session. I’ve never had a healing session from someone who knew the cause of my circumstance so quickly. He was able to release it and replace it with extremely high vibrational light in such a gentle and caring way. I see the truth more clearly now and finally know I will be able to complete my life purpose here on earth. Having one session with Michael is like having 10 sessions with the average healer. I don’t know how to describe it, other than…something phenomenal occurs during a session with him. I’m still feeling several shifts but each day I feel stronger and more clear. Amazing!
    – K.D.

  61. I had a blast at the fund raising event. Thank you Unity! My sister wants to start getting Sundays off of work to attend now.
    Also, I’m letting you know that I am committing to helping with the yard watering. I was reminded of a great quote today that I appreciate: “True leaders don’t create followers. They create more leaders.” I also appreciate the leaders being created at Unity.

  62. What a wonderful event and a good time was had by all who attended the community event on Wednesday. AND I so appreciate winning the purse and prints. As everyone will recall, I was the one who was having issues with my leg and could hardly walk–the pain was truly excruciating! I went home, immediately iced, and hobbled off to bed. Thursday morning as I stepped down on my foot fully expecting pain–NOTHING! I carefully put my weight on my foot–NO PAIN–98% fully healed overnight. Today I am 100% healed and want to express a big ‘thank you’, to you Michael and to everyone else who did remote healings for me after the event.

  63. Dear Friends: I am not a member of the Church but I am an avid supporter of Michael. I am not, nor have I ever been a member of any church because I have seen, on far too many occasions, how the human ego creates institutions, not to perpetuate truth, but to perpetuate the personal interests of the individual personalities (egos) that claim to only serve the church. Hence thousands of years of spiritual fraud. I personally find Michel’s teaching to be as high as any that I have studied, and I have studied many. Thank you to all those that have “stuck with it”. I appreciate the commitment, a commitment that is very difficult to make in this world controlled by the human ego. I continually am reminded of Jesus’s temptation to bow to the demands of Pontius Pilot, and rather than do so, he accepted crucifixion. The recent challenges with those few former Board Members, I am sure, is a form of crucifixion for many including Michael and those who have stood by their belief in truth. The truth will not prevail if no one speaks it! You have my prayers and my blessings. I look forward to more Michael infusions of wisdom and truth.

  64. It was nice to be back in the collective this morning for your service Michael. Its been quite a few months since I’ve been in Sedona … and it’s also very nice to see that you’ve held your grace in the face of challenge … how much that has obviously fuelled you into even more clarity … nicely done!

    Sat Nam …

  65. Just a note to let you know how nice the energy is at church lately. I can feel even more of a gentle, loving, divine, feminine energy. It would usually take me a few hours of a group meditation to feel this kind of energy but now it happens in one of Michael’s Sunday services. I am very grateful to be able to have such a deep experience every Sunday!

  66. I am a Treatment Specialist that helps with the diagnosis and
    treatment of abused children and their families. I have known
    Michel Mirdad for almost thirty years. In this time period I have
    seen him spread Joy, Love, Light, Wisdom and of course laughter
    wherever he has gone. I have visited Unity of Sedona and my experience
    there was a continuance of what I have always experienced with Michael
    Mirdad before. I would be honored to be part of any organization that
    lives the spirit of love, light and joy in their daily lives and in
    their pursuit of unifying their lives with God.

    Respectfully Yours, Bruce S

  67. Michael, Your message last Sunday was brilliant. I chose Christian Science for myself and my 4 children when I was 20 and that method of relying on God for healing of whatever was needed was our primary resource. So I am familiar with the concept of illusion but have never heard it so well described so that your listeners could get it at whatever level they were attuned. We come to Sedona for Feb-May and have been coming to Unity for the past 6 years but have never joined. But we would be happy to join now and support you and Unity.
    –S & A

  68. Hi Michael – Thank you so much for your powerful Sunday message. I left feeling so inspired and filled with peace and love and joy; filled with the Holy Spirit. I could feel the clarity and Truth of your words swell up inside me and bridge the disparities with overwhelming equanimity and Self worth. The mundane simply falls away in the presence of such grace and glory. In the blink of an eye, we are whole; we are healed. If only for this moment: Behold the Miracles. I also greatly appreciated your story about your encounter with the ghost children and Jesus (in your personal newsletter). Your persistent willingness to step fully into your Self gives us all the courage to do the same. I must admit that I, for one, have been hiding out for way too long. Change is at hand…time to step it up a few notches. Full-throttle, toes-over-the-edge, ever closer: I will to will Thy Will. I see your Light. And as I see yours, I see my own, mirrored back at me. In fact, I see the Light in everyone, in a much more consistent way.

  69. This Sunday I had a successful Open House for my Lodge so I could not attend the Unity afternoon service. I interrupted my morning preparations to rush up to your 9:30 am service, arriving at 10 am, just in time to hear Michael’s talk and left right afterwards. And I am soooooooooooooo glad I did!!! That talk was unparalleled!!! Michael integrated the Bible, the Pentacostal events with his unique application to the chakras in such a clear, touching, elucidating way! Kudos to Michael. Was the vibration too high for the recording equipment to handle?! Please let me know if a recording of that talk will be available.

    Thanks for all you do,

  70. I am wanting everyone to know that I hold the greatest respect for the work and amount of work Michael upholds in our Unity Community and the greater Community of Sedona…If I can be of any service, please let me know and I will be willing to assist…As I know for myself and of many others whom I speak with, we attend Unity because Michael Mirdad has proven to be of the highest teaching source that Sedona has encountered for many years, his approach both individually and entirely embraces each of us unconditionally, upholding to our understanding of Christed Consciousness. I personally have gained much benefit emotionally and spiritually towards service to my community, loving my self unconditionally and have developed a healthier relationship with God. I personally only attend Unity because I am in great faith with our Spiritual Leader Michael Mirdad.

  71. Hi Michael, I attended the noon service yesterday. Thank you for the wonderful message that we are all accountable for our actions, thoughts and words and for the world and community we are creating. Thank you for all that you have contributed to Unity Center of Sedona and for your continued contribution. I trust all is well.

  72. I have just recently begun attending Unity. I was at the noon service today and I wanted you to know that your words, authenticity, integrity and vulnerability touched me deeply. I appreciate you, your sacred purpose and calling. I will absolutely continue to come hear you share whether it is at Unity or elsewhere.

  73. Dear Michael:

    For many years, the pathway to Christ seemed a distant dream. Although I craved guidance and the connection to God, no roads seemed to direct me toward my longing – until I came to Unity Church at the invitation of a friend and listened to you speak.

    Overwhelmed with joy and relief at finally feeling at peace and at home with my search, I cannot wait until each Sunday rolls around! It has been said, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” What an understatement!

    Previous ‘religions,’ blocking real views of spirituality and teaching and preaching in ways that never felt right, were not the answer for me. You have been able to explain so clearly and with such love.

    I thank God for the gift of your teaching, for the beauty of your spirit, and the depth and conviction that you have when speaking. It is beyond description!

    Bless you, Michael! You are truly amazing.

  74. Michael and Unity: I want to thank you for all you and Unity have done for us while we were in Sedona over Christmas. My daughter and I loved hearing your talk at the 2012 Festival. Michael, your talks at Unity were so inspiring, made even more so when I watched my 14 year old girl listen to you, take in what you said, and laugh at your jokes with the rest of the community at the Sunday service and on Christmas Eve. She really liked being in Sedona and loved learning that she was amazing at playing the Native American Flute. She took that knowledge and her own initiative and played Amazing Grace at my Grandfather’s Celebration of Life ceremony. Michael, your ability to connect with people from all different backgrounds, ages, and genders is remarkable. While I have listened to Unity speakers in the past, I have never listened and resonated with someone who speaks on topics such as the ones you talked about; including the Essenes, Trust, and hidden messages. Keep on talking; your talks are unique, engaging, entertaining, and so informative.
    –Amanda, MI

  75. Michael Mirdad is a very gifted speaker who truly keeps my attention and is total resonance with my beliefs. With him I feel a deep affinity and cosmic alignment. Michael is a brilliant, inspired, and passionate soul who has a great gift for communication, openness, and sharing higher Truths. I love and appreciate him and all that he shares to help awaken humanity.

  76. Dear Michael, I am deeply effected by today’s sermon and your presence. Your context is earth shattering, heart opening and, as someone at the end of service today said, “I can see!!!” The divine energy which you are bringing-through is changing all of us or actually revealing our true selves, our god-selves without all the “not good enough’s” clouding the screen. We are learning as a group consciousness about focusing and choices and asking God to show the way before we take the next step. This context that you speak from addresses the layers we keep hidden. That is why there are so many tears. As the truth about ourselves is revealed each week, at every sermon, we are freer…to listen and find out who it is inside of us that is really talking. Wow! this is a healing process that reveals to me that God is already here. My wellness and goodness are already here. Being loved and lovable, already here!! The battle already won!! Michael, there is so much love in that room. You did this, you brought this community together. We are all the better for your attention to the truth, which is always there resting in each of us, at home in the silence.

  77. Thank you so much for the way you presented the Christmas service. In the past I have attended the children’s service at the Methodist church and have attended the midnight service where we turned out the lights and lit the candles. But this year I got to be the kid with the candle and it was so joyous and fun.

  78. Hi Michael! I was watching the video tonight that was included in the Unity newsletter and it reminded me of the gratitude I have for your teachings, particularly in the Christ Consciousness class; and I am writing to say “thank you.” Those words seem so very simple but for me, they contain within them the deepest gratitude. The past 37 years of my life have been devoted to questioning, exploring, contemplating, shifting, and creating change in every area of my life, driven by a deep-seated desire to know and understand the truth of the spiritual essence that resides in all things, particularly within me. At times I wondered if I would be able to achieve that spiritual knowing and understanding I was sure existed. So by the time the Christ Consciousness classes began, I had been on the path for a very long time…and I was ready to make the huge leaps forward I wanted and needed, with the class as the catalyst. Probably the most important shift came in March when I used the “tracking” exercise to uncover an original trauma, and within a week was able to see and accept all the events of my life as an important part of my path. That acceptance, and the class, provided the means for so much more to unfold until I achieved what I had sometimes thought might only ever be a dream. And, yes, I am still in a physical body and have not ascended!…which means that there are still some refinements that remain…but they are refinements. Thanks to your teachings and the energy of the class, I have completed one very large assignment. So, again, thank you…thank you for coming to Sedona at the exact right time.
    –Carolyn, MT

  79. Dear Unity: I want to thank you for a very touching Christmas service. Although I am just visiting, this was perhaps the most powerful service I have ever attended or heard. The energy and joy shared by the attendees and the board members that Michael introduced was palpable and added to the overall light in the sanctuary. The friends who brought me there said they attend regularly and told me that it was something I had to see for myself and I’m glad I did.
    –Becca, CA

  80. Dear Michael: I feel so blessed to have come to the Unity Church last Sunday. What a special special group of people!! And your message literally blew my mind. As I told you, I had not been in a church for a long time. Blessings to you and your wonderful church community. Wow. That in and of itself makes Sedona a remarkable place!!! Also, thank you for my wonderful healing session with you. It was the most transformational session that I have ever had. You are an Angel in my world! I don’t remember ever feeling so comfortable with someone I just met. Your intuitive skills are quite remarkable and most of all your generous Love that you channel so naturally.

  81. Just wanted to share how mush I loved the meditation in last Wednesday’s Christ Consciousness class. You know a mediation was powerful when the effects keep washing over you days after! And Wednesday’s meditation was that powerful. I couldn’t even speak of it at first because the energy was beyond words but I would like to share a bit now if I may. First, I could feel the physicalness of my cells and they were full of what I hear is “liquid light.” It was trippy! I was sitting in that and enjoying the feel of being so full when I was aware of energy in my thought patterns…my brain. There was a lot of white light filling the space and then it was like a reset button was hit and POOF, everything was erased. I can still remember my life and all that but suddenly the liquid light is showing me that choice is real. It’s moving beyond a mental concept that I can choose what I am at any moment…where my energy will be in any moment. This morning I saw this as a gift of the Magdalene energy. I realized that I have been taught and still resonate with the concept that Jesus was born pure and holy and therefore, of course, he could do everything he did. I don’t like to admit the truth of this belief, but if I’m honest it’s true. He was and is better than me when I hold him in this light and I will always be fighting a losing battle. If you had asked me on Tuesday if this was my belief, I would have said no, but now I see that there was a subtle energy of this running through me and it affected everything I did and do. The gift of Magdalene in the meditation we did was the awareness of choice. No where have I been taught that Magdalene was pure…that belief isn’t in my consciousness, not even subtly. Her acts of grace happened through her choice to believe and accept and surrender and then act accordingly. Holy moly! I can not refute this anywhere in my brain or ego and so a whole lot of shaking up is happening in my paradigms. So I can’t wait to test this awareness as I walk through the world and encounter people. Now the opportunity to remember this and act on this awareness instead of going into auto pilot. What does life look like with liquid light moving through your cells?

  82. Hi Michael: I was at Unity on Sunday and just wanted to say that it is SO GOOD to feel that building humming with love and energy again. It was so depressing before that I felt I could not breathe. I heard you were doing good work…but WOW…that place was about to lift off. Great message as always (that was no surprise). So good to see you doing good work in Sedona. It needs it. It has been an insanely busy year for us, but we will make a better effort to come in on Sunday…for MORE : )
    –Aluna Joy, author and workshop facilitator

  83. Thanks for having Garland speak at Unity this week. I am taking his class. But I’m still looking forward to having Michael back because he is such a meta-scientist (Meta-physician) and the difference between Michael and other teachers is astounding.
    He takes all of these wonderful thought gems and weaves them together into a coherent form and like an alchemist turns into a big light that he impresses upon our consciousness with divine love. It’s great that Michael visits other churches but we’re also glad when he is back to bring more light and love to the sunday teaching.

  84. Good Morning! Michael, A year ago you joined Unity as our Spiritual leader and in this your first year you have brought great change to the church and its people. Personally I am very grateful you choose Unity and Sedona to call home, I do hope it has been as good for you as it has for us. Thank you for all that you do.

  85. Having authored two books and done this work for over 30 years, “Why isn’t my life changing” is a question I hear often. It was good to hear Michael respond to this during the Sunday services. It is not often expressed, as he did, that “We have to go deeper.” As he noted, it’s not just a matter of doing positive affirmations or thoughts. It’s truly living our awakened Christ Consciousness. I had to laugh when he said, “Why would we want to Be less.” Right, such a crazy thought not realized by most even well entrenched on the Path. Too often our beliefs do dig a trench that keeps us from soaring along the Path, instead of fully realizing the glory of living fully as our Christ Consciousness in human form. We are here to do nothing less as we begin this next great cycle of living as gods on Earth. As my husband and I pointed out in our newest book, The Star Keys, we must empower our thoughts with the Truth of our Being. Without true Knowing of the Truth, our life is not flowing full force from Source Energy. Awakened Knowing aligns our Beliefs with ever Higher vibrations to create a naturally miraculous life. The Key is our belief about who we are in relationship to and as God. I AM nothing less than the Divine I AM in expression. Thank you Michael for reminding us all, “not to settle for less.”
    –Eron Starcke, author, The Star Keys

  86. The experience I had at Unity of Sedona’s Sunday service last week is best described as “HEAVENLY!” The Spiritual Leader, Michael Mirdad, spoke on Angels; what an education and what a blessing! Michael shared with us the most perfectly profound statement I’ve ever heard about Angels…that ‘Angels are Thoughts of God.’ WOW! That’s enough to think about for days, but he then went on to tell us about the more well-known four archangels and how each one of them is assigned to different chakras of ours. I loved learning about the three groups of beings that fell from heaven, and the nine orders (3 sets of 3) of Angelic hierarchy, and so much more. I never knew there we so many angels involved in just about everything we do. Then, as the service went on the most beautiful transformation started occurring and you could feel the presence of the angels growing within the sanctuary. I, myself, could feel and see a huge angel behind me. And during the meditation, I felt as if the angel enveloped me within it’s wings. I then looked around and was seeing halos around everyone’s head. There were angels flying around and you could hear them singing. It was so incredible!!! My favorite part was how the meditation music that was being played seemed to coordinate exactly with what Michael was saying. It was as if Michael was orchestrating the music and angels into a perfectly divine symphony. It still gives me the chills. What a blessing to have this kind of teacher and this group of souls each week to pray together with as we return to God (Love). Peace be with you all.

  87. Hello Everyone at Unity. Last Sundays service on Angels was so very enlightning and fascinating! We learned so much about the order and level of dimensions of Angels and light beings and even the beings that fell even farther to the darker side. Michael explains so clearly the difference of importance and roles of each level of angels but I particularly loved how he explained the importance of ask God to assign you the highest angels possible, rather than us deciding which angels we should pray to. That was brilliant, insightful, and original.

  88. I felt some amazing things during service yesterday when Michael began to call in the Angels…I got a visit from a light lavender beam of energy — straight down from the sky — it started this color and then zipped into bright white — so bright you couldn’t look at it. At one point I had to move my head forward to take a break from the energy it was shooting into me…then when I moved my head back up it was as if I locked it in place…now. And let me tell you…this is all new to me so I can’t make this stuff up! LOL

  89. I am from San Diego and when I visit Sedona, I attend the services at your Center. Michael Mirdad is a wonderful speaker/channeler and I am so glad to see he found a home with your group in Sedona. I also want to thank all of you for making the Spirit of Unity of Sedona available online through videos and the newsletter. I love feeling like a part of this group although I am physically a bit far away. Blessings to you all. I’ll see you in December.
    –Sandi, CA

  90. Dear Michael, I recently read your “Introduction to Tantra and Sacred Sexuality” book, the first book I have read on the topic, and I have to say it was really wonderful. I found the information within very educational & very enlightening. I would really love to study this more. Do you ever offer a workshop on this topic locally? Thank you for all that you shared in your book & thank you for all that you do with Unity. You are making an amazing difference in the lives of so many people. God Bless you & thank you for blessing my life.

  91. Good Morning Michael! I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed your service yesterday, and how good it is to reconnect with Unity. I hear that you have been very instrumental in building Unity in Sedona. You are an awesome speaker and leader with the wonderful skill of bringing all your knowledge of different religions and deliver it with such love sprinkled with humor. God bless you for that!!! It’s been about 15 years since we first met (and since I’ve seen you last) when I sponsored you for a workshop in the Chicago area. I remember you even stayed at my apartment – and didn’t eat hardly anything except Snickers Bars :>) Hopefully that has changed over the years. You look great and haven’t aged a bit! (Unlike some of us.) I look forward to experiencing more of your teachings and becoming an active participant. How would I go about transferring my membership to Sedona, once I move here and get settled?

  92. Greetings! I heard that the Gratitude Circle might be postponed due to a lack of leadership but I would be honored to take over the leadership. I love the gratitude circle and I love all of the events and services at Unity. Some people tell me that the wonderful unfolding and growth I have experienced are the energies of Sedona and I am sure–as you would put it- Sedona amplified those changes, but it is the Sunday messages, the ACIM class, and the love that permeates the Unity center that started these changes within me and then Sedona amplified them. I love being aligned with Prime Creator and being around the people at Unity helps keep me there. This would be an opportunity for me to give back all that I have recieved.
    Thanks, –Patrice

  93. Last Sunday turned out to be an interesting day. I was a little bummed that my other plans fell through but then I surrendered, realizing God had a better idea. The day started with an amazing service at the Unity Church. Its
    somewhat magical that everything I’m working on all week, Michael Mirdad talks about on Sunday. It’s like he is reading my mind. And I’m sure most of his audience feels the same. And since my former plans were not happening, I decided to take some time and go to the Peace Conference at the St. Jon Vienney Catholic Church later that day. I told my friend we wouldn’t stay long and sneak out after Michael’s talk but, we ended up staying. Sadly the turnout was less than expected, but I shouldn’t be surprised. It’s typical for Sedona. Unless alcohol is involved, we typically don’t come together to change the world. There just seems to be a lack of authentic enthusiasm. I don’t know if Michael realizes it or not, but the turnout at his Unity services is unprecedented. I came to Sedona and could not find a spiritual community I could resonate with. I Just wanted like minded people to pray with. Some teachers were good at spinning a yarn, but weren’t really living the truth. After hearing Michael today at St. John Vienny, I realize even more than before that Michael knows the truth. He’s lived it I’m sure. And he channels it with amazing confidence. He leaves an otherwise bored audience with inspiration that isn’t just prepared words. He speaks from his heart with a vibration that draws love and respect. He teaches by example. If we are to make a change in this world, we have to become the example. We have to achieve what we say we want. People don’t respect your dreams, but they do respect your example of living your dreams. I remember the first Sunday of Michael’s arrival a year ago when I said to a friend, “The Unity of Sedona has a new Minister, I think we should check it out.” Now I ask, is he a God, a Guru, a Miracle worker. Hell no. He’s one of us and he knows what he is talking about first hand. You can’t fake this stuff, you have to be it before you can teach it. Some people think you can learn it as your teaching it. I don’t agree. It’s the difference between being real and acting. There are a lot of good actors in this town, If you want to meet someone real, check out the Unity Church of Sedona. And please leave your ego at the door, because you’ll realize you know nothing.

  94. Hi Michael and everyone on the Board! The Chaplain meeting, Sunday services, and Community Meeting yesterday were so pertinent and well relayed. I am so in agreement with everything that was so graciously stated and shared. The information you caught us all up on was so well put and such clear information. Thank you Board of Trustees, for being such a symbol of true light. Now we are all going to deeper places, thanks in part to some of life’s natural highs and lows that have taken place. I just wanted all of you to know how much I absolutely love you and what we have. I honor all of you for setting such a high standard for all of us. Much love and blessings!

  95. Dear Michael, we are so sad that we cannot be apart of your beautiful family at Unity of Sedona. Over the last four weeks we have visited Unity of Sedona and have been completely inspired by your work and teachings. Being a part of your congregation filled us further with much joy and love. We met with a Chaplain (Michelle) last week too, and her meditation and healing, words were beyond comprehension; it was truly mind, body and soul enlightenment, amazing. We wish you love and blessings and hope we have the opportunity to visit Sedona and Unity again on a more permanent basis.
    In grace and Love,
    –Geoff, Roxanna, Ysabel and Natalia

  96. Dear Michael, I really want to share my appreciation for the beautiful reflection you are. What I love about your transmission is that you always lead everyone back to their true divine selves and you do so by your natural authentic example and through the magic subtle realms of your voice and your dance. I would enjoy to share more here, but in respect of your time I will just say this. Even if I could not hear you…I would receive your message simply through the movement of your hands. You encompass and welcome the wholeness of our expanded true selves exploring through our human body experience…and you do it through every cell of your body. It’s beautiful to feel and participate in this artistic expression. I look forward to experiencing another couple of Sundays while I am in Sedona. Thank you for reflecting one who shows up fully! Sat Nam

  97. Trust is a beautiful gift. For me, it was time to trust in the words of a spiritual leader within a spiritual community where authenticity in spiritual healing seemed to be somewhat watered down. My first trip to Unity Church in Sedona was a service led by Michael Mirdad. I allowed my own experience to breathe. At first some unfounded projections came into my awareness and out I allowed them to move. And yeah, he looked like someone from my past that I do not trust… but I did not want to misinterpret Michael’s intentions as being the same so I let that go too. Once I took a moment to just breathe there was nothing more to consider but to trust. I had to be accountable for my experience. I believe if we are to expect integrity from our spiritual leader we too must be of that. Michael’s presence/sermon was authentic. I recognized that Michael was a reflection of us and Unity. He cares about his spiritual community I believe, within and outside of Unity Church. I trust that I will return look forward to sharing the beauty of Unity through Michael and the experience in presence with you.
    –Lena, AZ

  98. I love Michael’s sermons. Please tell him he has a viewer in Japan and that I have watched all the videos that have been posted on Youtube. I also signed up for the newsletter that Unity of Sedona sends out! I did see the wish list about the plans for doing live-streaming video. What a great idea!! I would totally get up or stay up (depending on the time) to watch the sermon every week! I can’t find any type of church like that in Japan.
    –Kuri, Japan

  99. Dear Friends at Unity:
    I am currently in Phoenix attending the 97th INTA (the International New Thought Alliance) World Congress, which features leaders and participants of New Thought groups from around the world. This is the umbrella group formed by Unity, Religious Science, Divine Science, and Emma Hopkins non-denominational Christian Science, as well as other organizations that support and promote the New Thought movement. When we arrived yesterday, the news was already circulating here about the high energy that IS happening with Michael Mirdad and Unity of Sedona. In fact, Dr. Blaine Mays, the CEO of the conference, surprised everyone by announcing that he had “heard much good about the growth and deepening of Christ Consciousness at Unity of Sedona these last several months. He then added that he happens to be responsible for the original purchase of the building that would become the current Unity of Sedona and that he is looking forward to visiting Unity of Sedona this fall as we approach our 40th anniversary.” Other INTA members we have met here have heard Michael Mirdad speak and are saying, “You folks at Unity of Sedona must be in Heaven with Michael being your Spiritual Leader.” Then, a Science of Mind minister from Minnesota said she was getting “God Bumps” as she was hearing that you just taught over 100 Chaplains (and graduated nearly 50 at Unity of Sedona).
    –In Light, Joey and Laurel

  100. This past Sunday we not only had an extraordinary talk by Michael Mirdad on Truth (with a capital “T”) vs. truth (with a little “t”), we also had Unity’s new Chaplains offer their services after church for “hands on healing”. At least 12-15 Chaplains were called to pray with folks in the congregation, and many prayed with more than one person. As the congregants sat in their chairs they each were prayed over and the Sanctuary (which was already spilling over with high vibrations from the service) became filled with the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. It was incredible!!! You could feel the expansion of grace as this sacred space became a collective force for healing. Many folks who were just walking in, and observed this event, would just stop, hold their hands out, and join us in prayer. I highly recommend to anyone attending Unity’s services to stay after for this divine, prayer-filled experience.

  101. Dear Friends at Unity: I have met and heard many ministers and was even married to one but I was guided (through my inner light work) to find and contact Michael. I knew it was divine right action. I was not surprised that what I heard him share, coincides with the bright light he carries, which radiates deep love. He is first class and I was blessed to meet him in that light.
    –Genii Townsend, author The City of Light: Sedona

  102. Michael & Company: Never in my life have I gone to church willingly. The standard you have set of teaching the hard truths, accountability, and laying our hearts open for honest self-examination is not for everyone. With every lesson plan I get a little bit of salt in the wounds, but if the wounds were never made apparent, then they would never heal. It isn’t always easy, but the medicine is better than darkness. Thank you for the happiness, awakening, and helping me to see God as my Father not as some guy we keep locked up in the attic except for the perfunctory Sunday viewing from behind a glass wall. Good job and I will see you (willingly) next time.

  103. I loved last weekend’s Sunday service. Even though our usual speaker, Michael, was gone, we still had a very high and unique “vibe” going around due to the great lectures from our panel of speakers the incredible musician pianist that we had. He was amazing and even got a standing ovation. But there was also quite a bit of positive chatter going around regarding the new improved cafe. Whoever it was that was behind that did an amazing job. The theme and foods were absolutely delicious. It’s great to have a complete sense of a church now–great leader, wonderful staff and volunteers, and now even our tummies feel the sense of family. Can’t wait till next week.
    –G, AZ

  104. Michael, yesterday, my house mate, came to his first Sunday service at Unity in several years. He has been down the spiritual path a ways, but elegantly folded your beautiful message into his own field of awareness. Fantastic how the Sunday “channelings” are so universal in their poignancy. Thank you, thank you. I appreciate your intuitive insight, your playful intelligence, and the creative congruences that are patterned through your process. I also appreciate the incredible buoyancy of the expanding vista you embrace.
    –Matthew, AZ

  105. Thanks for the new, Unity complaint form/process. This is a powerful statement of living for the evolution of our divine nature. Thank you for putting this into a human process that is easily put into practice. The resistance will come from those whose identity remains with the victim self. Then they will have to decide who they want to be. Thank you for holding the space for all of us to walk in our god nature…and the reality of what healing miracles are. Our’s is a spiritual center where we learn the nature of what we are bringing into the world…and the power of choosing. God bless you. Thank you! Thank you!
    –M, AZ

  106. Oh my God!!! How else can a person describe what you folks have done for Unity–inside and out. After the service today, there was such a buzz outside, as many of us congregated on the new benches laying against an amazing landscape. We all chatted for over an hour on various topics but mostly spoke of how good we all felt just being there…hanging out. But the greatest buzz came from us all feeling so amazed or blown away by the Sunday lecture. We were just reeling. I don’t know where it comes from but, my God, it is clear to me (and the many of us that were chatting) that Michael draws from a depth that most teachers can only dream of but he delivers it like a hot knife through soft butter. He makes it all seem so easy, simple, or whatever but says it in a way that conveys that we all know it, rather than as though he’s better than us and is teaching us over our head. His talk today on forgiveness might very well be the best lecture I’ve ever heard. I own a house here and stay for several months per year but I seriously need to consider staying on a bit longer.
    –RK, VT

  107. I had a strange experience at Unity of Sedona today. During Michael’s talk on the Divine Mother I started seeing a very feminine image superimposed over him or something clearly that was female coming through him. At one point I thought it looked very much like Mary Magdalene and then another time I thought maybe it was Mother Mary. He also had a very bright blue light surrounding him at this point. I was not sure what I was seeing and what was even more strange was that as I happened to glance at his image in the large mirror against the side wall, I could clearly see the woman. She had long dark hair and smaller features. They were superimposed. So, as he bowed his head in prayer, she too bowed her head. But then there were moments when he would move his head again to speak, but her head would still remain in the last position for a moment until it would again superimpose itself. What an amazing experience this was and I feel blessed to have been a witness. Michael surely embodies what he teaches and is the most authentic person I know living and breathing a Christ life.
    –J, AZ

  108. Just got home from Safeway after our church service. A gentleman recognized me from Unity and told me how much he & his wife love coming to Unity–wished they could live here so they could come more regularly. They visited when Michael first came and are now back for a few weeks. They love our services and are so impressed with how much our landscaping has changed. They enjoy Michael’s teaching and said “we hope you see how fortunate you are to have him”. I assured the gentleman we do. : )
    –B, AZ

  109. After attending the recent community meeting, I have a new found respect for Michael. His honesty and candidness was refreshing and beautiful. I admire him tremendously. I ask that he continue to be fully who he is: Wonderful, Vibrant, funny, Genuine and an Awesome teacher. Like Archangel Michael, Michael Mirdad has helped me to cut away the things that do not serve my highest good. I also had a private session with him and look forward to another.

  110. I’ve been attending Unity of Sedona for months now and am constantly amazed by the spirit of love that has been planted and is growing there. It’s like we’re using “Miracle” grow. Ha Ha! Anyway, I’ve been very impressed but there was something especially wonderful that I couldn’t put my finger on until now. I can see how Michael continuously tells us to “go to God…” He has tolds us over and over to go to God with our problems and to receive our blessings and our miracles. I love how Michael is there when we need to hear a great teacher but at the end of the day all he is really doing is teaching us to be closer to God. This is something that I think I’ve been missing in my life but I’ve also heard numerous people say that they feel Sedona too has been missing this for years.

  111. Oh my gosh!!! I was at the church today…the grounds are amazing!!! Better than I have EVER seen it look in over 12 years of coming to this church (center). Also, I resonate more NOW with the people there than I ever have. I have a feeling of, “Finally!!!” I’ve been here waiting for you all.

  112. Michael…I just wanted again to say thank you. I went to Unity a couple of weeks ago and for some reason I thought that the service was at 10:30…so, I walked in “late” and just as I sat down you talked about “Do you underestimate the value and good that you bring to others.” The “light bulb” went off in my head…It was like I went there at that moment in time just to hear that one phrase…Anyway, the past couple of days I have been “negotiating” my salary at work. So, I said to them, “I hope that you are not underestimating the good and value that I will bring to you, the center, and the community.” Well, it got me another 10K per year…and with the opportunity for pay raises every 3 months depending on goals and performance. SO THANK YOU!!!

  113. I was late arriving to the Easter Sunday Service this week and found that the only place to hear Michael Mirdad speak was from the walkway outside the chapel. The place was packed!!! Inside the church, the energy was buzzing from the amazing attendees and the “sermon” which was on Jesus and the deeper symbolism of the crucifixion and resurrection. I found myself slipping into a trance as I listened to Michael talk as if Jesus himself had materialized in the church among us. I felt what it must have been like for seekers to have traveled days to sit in a crowd of people barely able to hear Jesus speak and yet clinging to the hope that something would miraculously occur to bring healing, love, and understanding into their hearts and lives. I couldn’t hear every word Michael spoke but I found myself so moved by the sermon that I sat cross-legged on concrete for an hour and a half riveted by the message. Unity of Sedona is not like any other church I have ever known. I can’t wait to return to feel the healing that is occurring among its congregation and to learn more about the teachings of Jesus. I am in complete and total awe! Thank you!!!

  114. I attended last Sunday…it was beautiful. Michael’s words are extremely powerful; they cut right through the walls of pretenses and get to the matter of facts. I love his dedication and level of enlightenment. His words touch my soul and speak to me in mysterious ways. I am so grateful. This is tearing down the walls I have built to keep others from hurting me again. What a great teacher.

  115. I’m so excited over the changes, wonderful attendance, smiling faces, the level of loving energy, and the laughter throughout the message on Sunday and afterwards. Good for you all in the many efforts and such a showing of caring and kindness for the community and grounds. Awesome! I again visit as often as possible from Scottsdale. It is so worth the two hour+ drive to be amongst the energy and hear Michael’s words of wisdom. Thank you!

  116. It took me a few visits to Unity of Sedona to figure out exactly what it was/is that seems so powerful there. Was it the messages, the beauty of the people, or being surrounded by the red rocks of Sedona? Then it occurred to me that I feel like I am sitting in a piece of living art. What I mean is that while the outer beauty certainly is there, Michael Mirdad himself has figured out a way to embody both the power and intensity of the male and the grace and caring of the female. This is why he fits in so well to Sedona, which of itself, has a great deal of balance between these two dualities. Then I realized that watching Michael during the services made me first become agitated that he could embody this and I couldn’t (or at least wasn’t) and then called to forgive myself and begin choosing a different way of being. And so, there I was, observing the balance in one person, brought through a process of finding my own imbalances, and then brought into balance in my own way. OMG!!! What a trip!

  117. Last Sunday was the first time I’ve been to Unity of Sedona in over 10-15 years. I quite going there due to the intense negativity of so many of the people in charge back then. But this Sunday I was sooooo pleasantly surprised to find the old feeling of love and warmth had returned to my home. I will now be attending more regularly.

  118. I would like to thank Michael for making such a difference in our community.

  119. Dear Ones @ UnitySedona: I am sooooooo happy and grateful to be included in your entirely-wonderfully-full-of-grace, blessings, love, joy, embracing-acceptance, genuine caring community… As a communitarian its nice to be home Michael, your inspired Spirited sharing on Sunday was –well: Perfect! Thank You!
    Big Gratitude Hugs,

  120. Thank-you Lorina and everyone else at Unity for all your time and care at Unity!!! I’ve found I’m not as physically able to participate as I thought I could, but with Michael Mirdad’s gifted insight, I am healing and getting stronger, so hope I can do more soon. You guys are so amazing with ALL you do–the tasks at renewing Unity are enormous!, and your dedication is such inspiration of strength and love. When Michael recently told me (in reply to my question) that he, with friends, put the little tape dots on the floor to mark the spots for the chairs, I nearly had bristle brain to even consider working that out!!! Hoot!

  121. It was great to visit Unity of Sedona for the Sunday service! I am so happy for the success there. Also, I felt blessed to be able to participate in the Wednesday night Christ Consciousness workshop and the Saturday night celebration. It’s such an upbeat, positive environment. I loved the way you folks used popular music with uplifting lyrics as part of the service. I so resonate with the music! It’s obvious that the congregation appreciates the Spiritual Leader, Michael Mirdad, and you all seem to be having such a great time. Michael is clearly in the right place, at the right time, doing the right work.
    –Donna, TN

  122. I am in deepest gratitude for all Michael is doing at Unity…for his teachings and for his healings. And, YAY God!!! My husband and I attended the Chaplain training session with Michael last week…Talk about soul-transformation! I had been a Chaplain with Unity in the past, but never before have I experienced such profound teachings and felt the clarity of my role as a channel for the Divine, especially from the special prayer techniques that Michael added to those of Unity. So I just did a prayer session with a good friend today, and she had a total healing as a result…OMG! Towards the end of the training that day, Michael had us practice praying for one another. My husband asked for prayer regarding an specific issue and IMMEDIATELY after applying our prayer, which cut through to the underlying causes & conditions, his phone buzzed and carried a message with the solution to our problem. We both were in awe at the manifestation that had come about so quickly and effortlessly. My own prayer request was for healing the pain my lower back (which I’ve had for 15+ yrs) and even though I thought I was imagining it, the pain is really, really reduced and has been since that prayer (!!!). I feel the power and the presence of miracles in our lives more than ever and the training went way beyond what I ever expected. I have never considered myself a “healer” or a “miracle-worker,” but I really opened up that day and will continue to nurture and embrace this new paradigm for myself and others. So now I get it…big time…it’s like someone said recently, “It’s as though we think we know who Michael is…but there’s soooooo much more.

  123. Michael, I would like to thank you for your being in our Unity. Not only does it help those that attend Unity but it’s spilling over into the community of Sedona. I know that it has improved our lives. We look forward to starting each week with your “TALKS”. We thank you for being here in Sedona.
    –W, Sedona

  124. “With Michael Mirdad at Unity of Sedona, we are experiencing a consistent feeling of Christ Consciousness evolving, the Truth of our Being unfolding as Love (God) Being US. Micheal’s teachings share high mysticism and his practical, joyful meditations help us to actually experience these teachings. We find Michael honors the roots of Unity tradition, and brings the Fillmores’ New Thought teachings into focus for 21st century living. We feel 2012 will be a precious experience in Unity of Sedona with Michael Mirdad, and we plan to be among the growing community there”.
    –Joey Gathering Bear and Laurel Lee

  125. Throughout our community of Sedona there is a buzz…a buzz about “the amazing things going on at Unity of Sedona.” Everyone seems to be speaking words like: amazing, trans-formative, best ever, miraculous, healing, and so on… I cannot count the number of people I see here now who have been gone for years and are now coming back to Unity. Also, I don’t think any of us could have imagined our little church attracting enough people to now fill three services–and in just 8 weeks since Michael Mirdad’s arrival. OMG! My soul is so grateful to all of us for creating a “Spiritual Leader” of his caliber. He is a true master and yet remains humble, playful, deep, and insightful.

  126. New years Eve bowl burning ceremony was an “Inner Chamber Experience.” Michael led us into a deeper understanding of what needs transmuted within. For me on the surface world I have had a struggle with finding a place to physically live–fit in. I was able to take a dive deep within through the layers of mis-creations. I found at the bottom of my ocean a low self esteem mis-creation that had been getting far too much attention. I wrestled it to the surface with the light of my pen and felt an inner shift as it poofed into flames and disappeared. While Michael continued his Christ-ie transmissions through illumined verbage and presence, myself and some others witnessed something magical. streaming across the sky much slower than a shooting star appeared a beautiful aqua colored light, (space craft? orb?) making its way across the large window behind Michael. It evoked my inner ET for sure. “ET phone home”! I was reminded that home is flying all around me and that all dimensions are and have always been accessable within.

  127. I think I said it before on Unity’s web site but it bears repeating … Michael cracks me up!. I’m sure that Jesus is loving this particular embodiment of His teachings! I know that I am.

  128. I am aware that the one and only Presence of Love that is All-That-Is and that we are, is showing up at Unity of Sedona with both feet firmly on the ground. While Mr. Michael is the catalyst for this temporary container, the evolutionary power of spiritual intention and conscious creation for the new divine-human is busting loose at the seams here, exponentially and dynamically overflowing through all hearts connecting at this universal temple. I have lived in Ashland Oregon and other spiritual centers, and have conducted my own Temple of the Masters, Their presence is visceral here at Unity of Sedona. Mr. Michael is strongly connected with God-Self Christ energy. He is a practical teacher, a master for us masters in training. We are almost there (HERE) dear ones! Come and let us walk this journey together. BLESSED BE!

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